To build a very strong brand value & become a market leader in the gas industry.

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction & customer loyalty

Dedicated to providing the best quality products & on-time services, all while upholding our core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency


"Atul Group Of Companies" is the sole vision of Mr. Atul Kumar Agarwal, who is an industrial production engineer by qualification.

An extremely hard-working and punctual man, he began his journey with one single oxygen plant 30 years back, and today, he has successfully expanded the business many folds owing to his dedication and passion for the industry.

Due to his deep-rooted knowledge stemming from years of vast experience, he has constantly achieved higher output than the designated amount claimed by the oxygen plant manufacturers and has practically become the master of the gas industry.

From humble beginnings in oxygen, he ventured into argon & co2 bottling plants, which led him to China, from where he imported dry-ice technology to India and not only became a pioneer in the same but also revolutionized the entire event planning industry within Chhattisgarh.

He is amongst the first handful of people to introduce dry-ice blasting cleaning of car engines, which led to the sprouting of a new venture in Delhi in tie-up with all luxury car houses.

His varied portfolio also includes 2 RCC Cement pipe automated manufacturing plants, which is the 1st of its kind within central India, along with 2 PCC pole manufacturing plants.

His latest venture includes 2 “state of the art” liquid co2 manufacturing plants to cater to the beverage industry within Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, which are aimed to be a game-changer within the central India region.

He is strongly supported in furthering his legacy by his wife & director of “ATUL GROUP OF COMPANIES”, Mrs. Preeti Agarwal (B.TECH), and his elder daughter, MS. Anushka Agarwal (BSC hons in finance & economics, U.K.).


Rate of gas depends on the quantity of cylinders required. Rates can be negotiated at the time of signing of agreement.
Gases available – oxygen(O2 industrial & medical), high ourity nitrogen(N2), zero air, carbon-di-oxide gases(CO2), argon ultra purity gases(Ar), other customised gases like argon hydrogen(ArH), argon nitrogen, argon carbon-di-oxide etc.,Hydrogen gas(H2), nitrus oxide(N2O) in liquid & cyl form, LPG, dissolved acetylene, liquid carbon-di-oxide.
Security deposit per cyl. is ₹10,000/-
This deposit is refundable with in 24 hours of cylinder deposit & payment clearance.

Bulk orders are supplied by our transport where as cyl less than 5 nos. are transported by the customer themselves.

Our credit facility is of 30 days for bulk buyers.
For big sites…. we supply cylinders in loose pieces. For site with single penetration – we supply in trollies of different sizes to avoid labour handling.
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